Thursday, February 5, 2009


There is so much I want to write here..but I won't.. its too long and wordy and I'm trying to be quick about this without getting caught at work. Hehe.

Anyway.. I was just thinking about me, as a mother. I always thought I'd be great at it. I truly thought I could make it look easy and that I wasn't going to have the frustrations that "other" mothers would have. I'd have the good, well behaved baby. My toddler wouldn't act up in stores, my child wouldn't be brat and would always use their manners. Little did I know that being a mom is hard. Very very hard. Yes, Carly was colicy..but it has nothing to do with that. She was not an easy baby.. but is there any such thing as an easy baby to a new mom? Easier maybe, but certainly not easy. Its a huge adjustment. I have bad days, I have good days, I have GREAT days.. and I have terrible days. But every single day is better because I have Carly.

And you know what.. she can be a brat, she flips out in stores, she doesn't always use her manners and she may possibly be wearing diapers to Kindergarden.. but whatever!

I am 2 years into this mom thing and guess what, I haven't fucked it up yet! I have a happy, healthy, wonderful daughter. She talks, she laughs, she loves life.

Its not easy to raise a child.. but its so easy to love one.


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What a great way to put it, Heidi. You are so right on!

Joel said...

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